• Karen Law

Less is more with NO HANDS Massage

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

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As a therapist I will sometimes feel that clients expect me to fix them and will want all the bells and whistles in their massage. I’ll feel the need to use every available stroke I know of that might help the particular issue they’ve come with. I worry that I might let them down, not be effective, not be good enough.

However, if I remove my own limiting beliefs and remember the many days of training I do every year, I know that less is more. Using fewer strokes so that I do more of just a few is actually more powerful than throwing in the whole shebang. Our brains can switch off with the security of the repetition of rhythmic, soothing massage strokes.

Yesterday I went to my massage therapist for one of my twice monthly massages. It’s often hard for us to switch off our therapist heads and go in with a client mindset. However, with the knowledge I have I was able to confidently say I wanted less. I wanted some deeper work on my spine to realign and lighter work everywhere else, I wanted it to be slow. I love to feel strong, tall, capable, effortless, graceful.... like a ballerina, after my massage.

My massage table set up in my therapy space
My massage table set up in my therapy space

Having said that I wanted ‘less is more’, because I know that is usually the best way to get my brain to switch off and go into that magical place between awake and sleep, I did worry slightly that I wouldn’t get there.

Well, I focused on my breathing, I thought about my positive outcome, I lingered on how the touch felt, I got swept along by the music and disappeared into the neverworld. My mind was empty. No cares. No stresses.