• Karen Law

A powerful new way to change your life

On Thursday 8th October I was delighted to receive my latest certificate. I am now a certified QEC Practitioner.  “What’s that?” you may ask....

Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) logo

Well, it’s a wonderful way of supporting people to make lasting changes to their lives. Most (all?) of us are living with some limiting beliefs which we’ve picked up along the way. Does anything from this list apply to you?

  • Perhaps you can’t help doubting your own abilities?

  • Even though you have a great job do you always worry that you’re going to get found out as being not good enough (Imposter syndrome)?

  • Maybe you’re not the most confident person?

  • Are you living with fear and anxiety?

  • Do you find yourself procrastinating jobs you know need to be done until the very last minute?

  • Is your weight an issue or do you live with an eating disorder?

  • Would it be great if you could stop consuming so much (alcohol, sugar, coffee, compulsive purchasing, social media, drugs, gambling...)?

  • Do you always put yourself last?

  • Are you stuck in grief or loss?

  • Is getting to, or staying, asleep every night an issue?

  • Have you experienced sexual assault or trauma which has led to Post Traumatic Stress?

  • Are nightmares and flashbacks from a traumatic event limiting your ability to function day to day?

  • Do you have a health condition that you cannot seem to come to terms with?