• Karen Law

The power of touch

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

You cannot pour from an empty jug

The final months of each year tend to be hard for me. I dislike the dark days, I know my mental health suffers from lack of light. Also I find that it’s harder to get work as people prioritise their spending on the ever growing commercialisation of Christmas.

In recent years I’ve added parental bereavement to the mix and this year, as well as a new autoimmune disease diagnosis, I'm also negotiating a commercial lease agreement which is taking longer than hoped (therefore I am not earning). I’ve also supported a 3 month hospital stay which caused further iatrogenic trauma to the individual and contributed to me needing to work on suicide prevention.

You can't pour from an empty jug

So, I’m running on empty. You can’t pour from an empty jug, the saying goes. Thankfully, I still prioritise my twice monthly massages. If truth be told, I’d love to add more! Because it really helps. Gone are the days when I too used to think Massage was a luxury for people with money. It’s not. It is maintenance. Just as some people spend money on the outside of their body to look good, with haircuts, beauty treatments, etc, many people realise that looking and feeling good comes from within.

NO HANDS Massage logo

This week I arrived for my NO HANDS Massage with Barbara feeling a little lost and weary. During consultation I described how I was feeling and Barbara took the time to listen to me. And tease out what it is I needed to feel. We worked together, to realise I felt depleted.