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Why Bother? 

Many people don’t prioritise regular massage as they see it as a luxury with little real benefit. 

I, however, hasten to disagree - as do my clients! Two clients in particular (who have been coming to see me for twice monthly massages for 12 years) said they'd be happy for me to share their experience: 

The first, a gentleman in his 80s, declares that without his regular treatments he would not move so easily. Without regular Massage he believes he wouldn't be able to turn his head sufficiently to look for traffic at road junctions. 

The second is a late 50s male working in the construction trade. At the end of a week he comes to release the tension built up in his body from physical work. He recognises that he benefits from the chance to replenish both his mind and body and admits that “it’s better than any drug but without the negative side effects.”

I gladly welcome women to my clinic, too. A sprightly lady in her 70s sees her monthly massage as part of her self care routine alongside a weekly yoga practice. She notices that people much younger than her move as if they are much older.  

A busy, working mother, values the thinking space she gets on her journey to and from me, adding to the beneficial outcomes of her massages.

Society has taught us to see Massage as a luxury, or only for injuries. But in truth it's a powerful, healing, therapeutic tool - and just like washing, well worth doing regularly!

Want to give it a try for yourself? Your first Massage with me is half price - get in touch to get booked in.

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