• Karen Law

Touch, Trauma & Today

Today’s Guest post comes from Tigger MacGregor of gallowaymassage.com

When I discovered that a world renowned neuroscientist had published research that showed a clear link between Touch and the removal of trauma triggers I was overjoyed – for two reasons.

Firstly, because it made sense of the powerful shifts and transformations I had seen in my own clients and in fellow therapists over the thousands of hours I’d spent in the training room as a student and trainer.

Secondly, because the significance of dealing directly with trauma through Touch had massive potential for improving mental and physical health, especially given the findings of the ACEs study.

The most beautiful thing about this Touch is that it can be delivered both by a professional in a therapeutic setting (notably through Trauma Discharge Massage or PsychoTactile Therapy) but can also be learnt by members of the public with no therapeutic training whatsoever and used to discharge trauma triggers gently, sustainably and safely (through NeuroTouch).

Circular design depicting two stylised figures Touching and the word NeuroTouch
NeuroTouch logo

So why am I telling you all this, letting you know about a powerful tool to deal with pre-existing traumas, or those you’re experiencing now with lockdown, at a time when you can’t access it: like Tantalus, forever thirsty with both water and food just out of reach?   Because I truly believe that this too shall pass.

The Covid-19 outbreak will have ripple effects continuing for decades, if not generations – and the best thing we can do to face these changes is to build our resilience so that we can withstand the buffeting of the waves of life. Now, and as