• Karen Law

This is me!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

This is a long blog post. You might want to grab a cuppa and settle down in a comfy chair.

Recently I went to see a film. Actually, I saw two films within a week. Both of them hugely engaging and thought provoking. And they brought up a couple of important themes I'd like to highlight.

The first film was The Greatest Showman, which was only chosen because I felt I should wait to see Star Wars when my partner would be able to join us. The reviews for the Greatest Showman looked positive and my daughter was also keen after seeing the trailer. I didn't know what to expect really. I had not been privy to any media frenzy about it.

Well... As we sat and watched the credits rolling (yes, I always sit and acknowledge all those who contribute to the making of films) my daughter advised me that she now had a newly increased love of music. As we drove home she was already downloading the soundtrack on to her phone and I was wondering how soon would be too soon to go back to the cinema to see it again. All thoughts of Star Wars are gone. After such an uplifting, empowering, visually vibrant, musically joyful and goosebump inducing wonder I don't feel particularly keen on anything with war, danger, fear, explosions and death. Just yet. I am sure that with time I will want to see it, particularly the late Carrie Fisher.

So, the Greatest Showman is enthralling people world wide. There's no denying it. Even though the Oscars have mostly ignored it I see so many people on social media raving about it. Why? Well, as long as you can completely divorce the film from any historical accuracy you should find nothing to dislike. There is some loose reference to the real P T Barnum and his circus which I am aware entails exploitation and animal cruelty. If you were worried about that and haven't gone to see The Greatest Showman I can assure you that you will see none of that. Instead, the film focuses on the drive and commitment of a man who follows his dreams and who gives others a chance to use their disadvantages to their benefit. And woven through the film are no less than three love stories, some ending well, one not so much. And there's singing.

I've not mentioned the singing yet, have I? The songs and the vocalists are A-MAZE-ING! Although my daughter downloaded the soundtrack immediately I have also bought the CD so I can listen to it wherever I wish to. Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Keala Settle all acted and sang effortlessly and passionately. Rebecca Ferguson acted so well I didn't know at first that Loren Allred actually sang 'Never Enough' for her. All of the songs are just incredible. So well written and sung like their lives depended on it. It is really hard to choose a favourite among them. True, one or two are really only relevant to the story but many of them are so powerful people are really taking them to their hearts.

In fact