• Karen Law

Does poor Mental Well-being affect you or someone you know just now? Reprising a previous post

As we head deeper in to the cold and dark of winter I find myself sinking in to a bad place. Well, I've struggled to get out of it since last year, to be honest. Understandable when having to deal with bereavement and the ensuing clearing of the property and personal belongings, which took a long, l o n g time. We had a buyer for Mum's house but they pulled out with just two weeks until completion. And this has impacted heavily on decisions I had made and plans going forward. So I'm feeling particularly challenged as we head into this winter.

I know many of you will be in a similar place, feeling low, struggling with life, dealing with challenges you can really do without. What can we do to get by? Self-care is important. As a massage therapist I obviously recommend regular bodywork. I am so thankful for the massages I enjoy twice a month. They keep me going, still able to function. But I recognise that there are many other ways of caring for yourself and I also know that we're often not good at making sure we do it. Organisations such as Mind can be useful in looking for suggestions. What would work for you?

Recognising where you are is a great start and I know that the winter months will always compound any challenges I face. My typical coping strategies are not always the healthiest or beneficial. So I endeavour to do what I need to do in order to avoid getting out of hand.

As I shook myself together today in an effort to get outside for some Ecotherapy, walking the dogs to get the benefit of the rare sunshine, I was reminded of the sentiment I posted at the start of the year, during last winter. So I'm adding it again below for those reading who are fortunate enough to be doing OK. If you know someone who appears to be struggling please don't wait for them to ask for help. Read on to understand why.