• Karen Law

Wounded people wound people.

There’s been some local news about bullying in a school recently. I did not see the (now deleted) video shown on social media but those who did described what many would actually call assault.

The ‘bully’ was given a 3 day suspension and there are calls for bullying to be criminalised. Understandably parents are very concerned and angry.

But I think we need to stop for a minute and consider what is happening.

Do you believe that a happy, well rounded individual, who feels loved and wanted, bullies or attacks others?

Or is it a case that the bully is behaving in such an awful way because they are living a life where they are missing love, connection and true happiness?

I saw this video exploring bullying, including the experience of a self confessed bully.

We need to go back to the neuroscience to understand the developing brain, which is not fully mature until around 25 years old, and what happens to it when it experiences adversity during childhood with no strong adult buffers to help it build resilience.

Perhaps the person being attacked provoked the bully? Maybe the bully’s trauma bucket was full and the provoker over stepped the line? This would cause the bully to flip their lid!

Maybe the bully saw another child seeming to have it all, everything they don’t have. Loving p