• Karen Law

Soothing the Nervous System

Every single human being needs to know that they are:

  • Not alone (even surrounded by people we can sometimes feel terribly alone)

  • Safe

  • In charge.

I was away this week on training for Clinical Development and I experienced a powerful example of this.

Since the start of my NO HANDS Massage training in 2012 I was taught how important it was not to chatter during the treatment. It’s important not to disrupt the client.

But now that the latest neuroscience is becoming more available to us it almost seems as if it was developed simply in order to explain the potency of NO HANDS bodywork!

Adding the latest learning from Neuroscience to NO HANDS bodywork we understand why we’d been working the way we had. And is now allowing us to develop the way we work in a more powerful, trauma sensitive and healing centred way.

So, at the Clinical Development I was the ‘client’ during a session one day where my ‘therapist’ was p