• Karen Law

Empowering our young girls! Thanks ASDA

Yesterday I popped in to a local branch of a well known supermarket chain, ASDA. As we were browsing I couldn't help notice some of the girls clothing. So I took some photos.

In the recent past there’s been somewhat of a furore around gender based clothing and, personally, I’ve found that girls clothing and shoes tend to be far less robust, warm or functional than boys clothing and shoes. My daughter and I tend to check both the ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ aisles in the shops when choosing clothingand shoes because she often found the boys clothing far more comfortable for her to wear.

In September this year John Lewis came in for a lot of flack after they removed boy's and girl's labels on their childrens' clothing range. Some people thought it was "PC gone mad" but I appreciated that before puberty, at least, children have no need for gender based clothing or toys. The fact that some clothing had completely inappropriate slogans on them has horrified me as well as many other parents and I have noticed various blog posts and campaigns about this.

I have witnessed a few people being angry in recent years and sharing online about their displeasure regarding inappropriate slogans on childrens' clothing and adult styling in childrens' garments. But I am pleased to see a growing awareness around gender stereotyping. And our voice appears to be heard. We have to keep voicing our opinions and never forget that we deserve to be heard. Seeing the clothing in ASDA shows to me the power of the public opinion.

So, although I still have some reservations about the warmth of the winter clothing available for girls I was delighted to see the clothing I share here.

"Happy being me" "Girls can change the world" "Always be yourself" "Girls are the future"

I was delighted!! I just wish I had taken the time to check out what the boys section was like...

In my massage clinic I have a wee sign hanging on the door handle which declares: