• Karen Law

Birth and Sex

Someone shared an article, (Why This Mum Thinks All Women Should Masturbate During Labour), recently in a Facebook Group I am a member of. Sadly, the idea that women might masturbate during their labour was met with horror! As a doula I am acutely aware that the hormones required for a smooth labour are also produced during lovemaking. This is because the act of sex, or lovemaking, is just one end of the reproduction spectrum whilst birth is towards the other end.

reproductive cycle

Type: Term

Definitions: 1. the cycle that begins with conception and extends through gestation and parturition. (parturition is the medical term for child birth)

I was dismayed to see such a disconnect in women about birth and their bodies. So I thought I'd have a go at explaining Birth and Sex.

Firstly, here is an amusing video portraying the difficulty couples would face if they tried to have sex in conditions commonly found in many medical maternity models.

You can see that it's not ideal. Do you think you could make love with your partner in such conditions? Why, then, should we expect labour to progress in these conditions? Unfortunately, t