• Karen Law

A load of Hippy Nonsense!

In recent weeks there has been much discussion amongst some of my colleagues in the birth world regarding the term Hypnobirthing. There can be misconceptions about what it is and many people still consider it to be 'hippy nonsense'.

Hippy girl in field

Asking around I tried to find out what people consider to be 'hippy nonsense'. A friend suggested that it is: Grow your own, make your own, baby wearing, encapsulating your own placenta, bed sharing, breastfeeding on demand till they self wean, baby led weaning....

Another said: Wise Hippo ... or how it is perceived ... until one knows better.

What? Even my chosen programme, the Wise Hippo Birthing Programe? How can that be? We choose not to focus on the term hypnobirthing in order that we might attract those who would be put off by it, but who still deserve to benefit from an awesome antenatal education programme. That just happens to involve self-hypnosis.

So I plan to unpack the teaching involved in the Wise Hippo and in many other hypnobirthing programmes.