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New for 2016!!

Well, I've decided to add a blog to my website. I consider myself very privileged to work with people as they begin their journey into parenthood. Birth is a rite of passage for women. They deserve to have an empowered experience which will set them up for parenthood as strong, confident and calm mothers and fathers. It is also a great honour to work with those who recognise that they need to look after their mind, body and soul. Massage is not just a luxury. It's not even a luxury. We all know that if we do not look after the fabric of our buildings, or the bodywork and mechanics of our vehicles, they do not last as long. Like many of my regular clients I cannot imagine forgetting any of my twice monthly massages.

In this blog I plan to talk about all sorts of things that relate to life. To trying to live a gentle, empowered, authentic life.

As I have lived my own experiences, as I have learned from them, I find myself increasingly drawn to more gentle and holistic ways of being. For many of us life is not alwasy easy and its definitely not always easy to understand the lessons. But I have grown to see that life's challenges and joys are both elements that make us who we are.

Being non-judgemental and unconditional in my support for those I work with is important to me. How else can I thank those who open themselves up to me in their rawest state, be that in pregnancy and childbirth or in my therapy space ?

So, now I invite you to offer me suggestions. What would you like to see me write about?

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