• Karen Law

Shit happens! What can you do when it happens to you?

Today marks a year since I woke up unable to raise my head off the pillow, let alone stand or walk without feeling like I would fall off the planet, be sick and lose my head all at once. Scared witless I was taken to see the GP who told me I had labyrinthitis and gave me a prescription for anti-histamines. He said to come back next week if there was no improvement. Having waited about 40 minutes for my appointment in deep distress I was in no fit state to ask many questions about what the diagnosis meant for me. I came home and stayed in bed except for visits to the bathroom. I had to cancel client appointments for the forseeable future.

a group of people drinking

After a while I was able to focus on my phone just long enough to consult Dr Google. What I saw about the prognosis of labyrinthitis did terrify me, I'll admit. It is likely that I was affected by a virus, although it could have been a bacterial infection, stress or a head injury, according to the results that came up. A support group online had people who had been struggling to function for months, years even!! What would that mean for my ability to earn a living?

I began to notice that, as I washed my hands after each pee, my toes were gripping the floor for dear life!! I even began to see some humour in my situation. Can you imagine what the neighbours thought of me if they saw me out walking the dog staggering around as if I was three sheets in the wind?

the beautiful dog who helped my brain recover