• Karen Law

Do you love your body?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

91% of women hate their body

I wonder, when you look at your body in the mirror, what do you see? Do you view your body as something you cringe at? What do you think when you look at your body? Do you wish it looked different? Do you dislike parts of your body? Perhaps you wish your thighs were slimmer? Or wish that your nose was a different shape? Do you wish you were taller or shorter, lighter or darker skinned? Do you wish you had less body hair? Do you compare yourself to your friends? Or to celebrities you see on the TV or in movies or in pages of glossy magazines?

Or do you honestly love every part of your body? Have you always been confident in your appearance? Have you never compared yourself to others unfavourably?

When I was a young teenager I was fortunate to be able to spend a fair amount of time with my grandparents. My family moved back to Scotland when I was 9. I hadn't seen much of my grandparents before that as they had returned to Scotland long before I was born. I was particularly fond of my grandfather, it seemed that we had a lot in common, we liked many of the same foods and he was just a very large male figure in my life. I didn't see that much of my father because he would be working and then he left when I was 14 so I guess my Grandpa was my go-to male role model. My sister and I would go to their house for lunch during the school day and often go there after school. I have fond memories of sitting at my Grandpa's feet, leaning against his armchair, while he would stroke my hair as he watched the horse racing or the wrestling at the weekend. I loved my Grandpa very much and was devastated when he died three weeks before my 18th birthday. But I'm digressing somewhat.....

Unfortunately, his love could not outdo the damage my granny caused. My grandparents generation had lived through WW2. My Grandpa was a civil servant and had been posted to Africa. My mother was born in Malawi and I recall hearing my Granny talking about not having much in the way of furniture. I am fairly confident that food would have been in short supply in Africa as well as back home. So, I am not really surprised that she would continually encourage me to eat more food. When you come from a place of lack it does become a focus. She would say to me:

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