• Karen Law

How to stop the involuntary recall of PTSD

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

pile of DVDs

Imagine a library. Full of DVDs. With information on just about every subject you could possibly imagine. If you take out one DVD, you have access to the information contained in that DVD. All the other DVDs still contain the information they hold, but you are only looking at the information in the DVD you have in your hands.

The memories of everything you've ever experienced are stored in your own internal library of DVDs, your subconscious mind. You can access any of those films whenever you wish. But if you took out all the DVDs at one time you simply couldn't deal with them all at once, could you? So, your subconscious mind files all the DVDs away for access only when required.

Some of the DVDs are fantastic, enjoyable films that you like to watch often so they are filed on the easiest to reach shelves at the front. Some DVDs are really heavy going documentaries that you are not so keen on, so they are filed on the back shelves that you only access if necessary. However, sometimes there are DVDs that are horror stories so awful that you put them in a box and tape it up before putting it down in the basement. And you choose when, and how often, you go and get any of these DVDs out of your library.

That's how I like to see the way our brains store memories.

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