• Karen Law

An open letter to Giles Coren

To Giles Coren,

Thank you for posting your thoughts about your son and family in Esquire on 9th November 2017. Yes, I double checked. Definitely Esquire. Not the Daily Mash or Newsthump.....

After the initial confusion upon realising that your writing was not meant to be funny (it wasn't, was it?) I did more checking and realised that you've written some fairly offensive and controversial articles in the past. Just two of them being fat shaming your wife after she had given birth to your second child, and admitting that while you're "not Jewish by practice" you decided to pay for someone to cut off a perfectly functional part of your son's body. Not your body. HIS... Even though you explicitly mention that you're not sure if he will chose to follow the Jewish faith later in life. Can I just take this moment to suggest you look into bodily autonomy?

Anyway, back to the fat shaming. Of your own son. Really? And explicitly mentioning other people in the limelight. I mean, what have they ever done to you? Apart from being more famous, funnier, more successful..... oh, and not forgetting the fat shaming of your wife previously.

The fat shaming. Yeah.... of a child. He's. A. Child.

Do you know what happens to children when people make comments about their appearance? They often end up with body image issues. When grandmothers constantly tell you to eat more because you're too skinny you end up ashamed of your body and covering up your long slender limbs so no-one can see them (yes, it's not just those who are overweight who have issues). When fathers are "worried as fuck" that their little son could grow up to be fat, what kind of comments are they making to their child because they're more concerned about "how it will reflect" on them? You say you will "unquestionably continue to love (your son) with all (your) heart no matter what". I am not so sure anymore, after reading some of the stuff you write.