• Karen Law

My journey to body lovin'

I wrote a blog post just the other day, inspired by our upcoming Embrace screening on March 8th. I wrote it to raise awareness for the screening. You can read it at Do you love your body?

It doesn't actually tell you about my journey towards body lovin' but does share my own journey to body loathing. It was very cathartic to write and filled me with passion. This often leads people to be more adventurous with language and so I warn you. I'll be somewhat 'flowery' as you read on.

I'm not actually that sure what led me back towards body lovin'..... It was a number of things. It was partly down to growing older. I turned 50 on February 8th. You give less of a fuck as you get older, I can assure you! But please don't wait until then.


I have a preteen daughter and really don't want to see her start loathing her body. She's the main reason!!

I started wanting to show by example, so I took all the stuff I'd been exposed to over the years in the birth world and I started trying to live by example more. I didn't want to contribute to the shit she will be getting exposed to via the media and her peers. We share LOADS of stuff, us birth workers, in our online communitues and when we get together, and lots of it is about growing and learning about ourselves as women, as humans.