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not just blogging... Vlogging!!

Well, it had been a while since I last posted a blog and here I am again following on from my last blog post, "When Shit happens..."

​I'm back to blogging because I recently undertook a marketing challenge. A 10 day challenge to post videos on my Facebook business pages! So I've been Vlogging!!

I don't mind telling you it was utterly terrifying, very challenging but ultimately very liberating. I can only thank Suzy Ashworth, Mindset and Marketing Mentor, for her time, wisdom, encouragement and major badassness!

As I said in the previous blog post it's been a challenging 12 months all round, with that bout of labyrinthitis, which had effects that took a long time to resolve, resulting in me living very much one day at a time and with lowered self confidence. So the Challenge was a great boost!

I've just watched the video I posted on Day 1 and totally cringe!! But now that I am more confident I will share videos on my website in the resources pages for those of you who don't use Facebook. If you do use Facebook check out my business pages at Karen Law - Birth Companion or Karen Law - Complementary Therapist.

This is the one I shared about half way through the challenge, so a little bit wooden still. I aim to keep going, with blogging AND vlogging as it is actually good fun and a good way to share information with others.

Obviously the videos will mostly be birth or bodywork related. Feel free to let me know of any topics you'd like me to cover.

Woman of Wisdom

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