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​​Are you fed up with conventional therapy that doesn’t seem to really make a lasting difference, or perhaps makes things worse?
Are you tired of long waiting lists?
Are you ready to take charge & try something else instead?

If you are feeling like life is harder than it should be you may recognise some, or even many, of the issues listed below


Do you feel or are you:

  • exhausted?

  • stressed?

  • depleted?

  • depressed

  • irritable?

  • quick to anger?

Do you suffer from:

  • aches and pains?

  • stiffness?

  • insomnia?

  • PTSD?

  • fear and anxiety?

  • grief and loss?

  • poor self worth or low confidence?

  • unhealthy coping mechanisms?

  • an eating disorder?

  • financial or relationship problems?

  • Imposter Syndrome?

Are you frustrated by:

  • long waiting lists.

  • the limited number of sessions you are offered?

Do you need:

  • soothed?

  • to be heard?

  • to feel compassion?

  • kindness?

  • to be believed?

As a Transformational Therapist I work with everyone, however I specialise in working with families in the childbearing year or with people who have experienced trauma in childhood. Using a variety of trauma informed therapies, I incorporate the latest neuroscience into my work to safely support you in healing the stresses and traumas of life, impacting upon so much more than your physical being, e.g. muscles and tissues, but also your mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual being.


During our initial consultation I will work with you to decide which tools are used to support you, gently, compassionately and yet powerfully, in releasing whatever you are ready to let go of. 


Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

I am massaging a client's back with deep focus
Self Soothing in a Stressed Out World
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