• Karen Law

Yin and Yang

I've just, finally, watched the Sam Faiers' documentary The Baby Diaries (you've got just 18 days left to watch). I was initially wary of watching it because I am not a fan of TOWIE or similar reality TV shows.

Anyway, as I can recognise that many young childbearing women will have watched it and that it could potentially be a great advertisement for the courses I teach I decided I had better make sure I knew what was portrayed. Amongst the designer labels and glamour there were glimpses of a woman who was clearly interested in a physiological birth and breastfeeding. AND of a partner who, despite being a self-confessed mummy's boy, suggested and encouraged choices that are, let's face it, not exactly mainstream in the UK. This made me instantly feel a warmth towards him.

I had been aware from conversations amongst my Wise Hippo colleagues that there was a bit of a fuss made over the way that Paul, Sam's partner, in particular had been portrayed. It's certainly not my place, or anyone else's for that matter, to judge what goes on in the family dynamic of Sam and Paul or their respective wider families.

But I would like to point out that only in the last 60 or so years have we been encouraging men into the birthing room. Following many millennia of birth being a wholly woman's domain we have really only 'allowed' fathers in to the birth for such a minuscule time in history. Can we truly expect them to jump in and be everything we want them to be?

I believe that we do our menfolk a HUGE disservice if we do!

I think we should be treated equally in life and that neither sex should be discriminated against because of their gender but it's important to recognise that men and woman have different strengths and we