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the Wise Hippo suite of courses/classes:

By Your Side for Bump, Birth and Baby

Oooohhh!! I am so excited about having the opportunity to support you on your journey from pregnancy through to early parenting. You will inevitably experience many ups and downs as you navigate your own personal journey but you needn't do it alone.


I am delifghted to be able to do this using The Wise Hippo By Your Side for Bump, Birth and Baby modelTM.


The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting ProgrammeTM, as you can see, focuses on building emotional intelligence for baby and you, which may have you wondering "what the hell is that, then?"

In the context of this programme it is about understanding the true purpose of our emotions so that we can use them in a beneficial way rather than letting them control us.

We know from medical research that the things that happen to a woman during her pregnancy will have an impact on her baby and in turn her baby’s emotional intelligence.

However, much of the information that is available on this subject is taken out of context and taught really badly, many women are often left feeling really guilty about the choices they are making when pregnant and I am not talking about smoking or the odd glass of vino.

Your life isn’t going to be perfect throughout your pregnancy and if it isn’t going to be perfect then how are you going to prevent the bad stuff from causing your baby emotional harm?

Things are going to happen that make you feel sad, angry, upset and so on and these things will in turn give your baby a bit of an upset too.

Things are going to happen that make you laugh, feel loved, happy and other great wonderful feelings and these things will in turn make your baby feel great too.

The same goes for after they have been born. Great things will happen and shit things will happen.

What you can do for your baby is teach them the best way to handle the good, the bad and the ugly that life throws at us and this is what The Wise Hippo Prenatal Parenting Programme is predominantly all about.

We do this using The B.E.S.T. start formulaTM which stands for Bonding, Emotions, Self-care and Time with baby.


The Wise Hippo Birthing ProgrammeTM seeks to ensure that you feel fully prepared for your baby’s birth.  We do this using The RIGHT birth on the day systemTM.

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme itself runs over 4 x 2.5 hour sessions with each session focussing on specific areas of preparation:

Session 1 – Physiology and Psychology

Session 2 – Calm and Relaxed

Session 3 – Planning and Positivity

Session 4 – Preparation and Practice

To see the full contents of the course click here

The right birth on the day specialised sessions.

To ensure that I can be by your side no matter what you need in relation to your baby’s birth, there are also some specialised sessions in The RIGHT birth on the day systemTM should you need them.

  • The 4 session birthing programme has additional information for Twins and VBACs.

  • There is also a specialised Confident Caesarean Section Programme.

  • If you find later on in pregnancy that your baby is breech then there is the option for a breech turn session and/or a breech birth session if required.

  • Should you find that you are facing induction there is a session to help get labour started and also one to help you prepare for induction if needs be.

  • For those interested in having a Lotus birth there is also a session for that too.

Coming soon!

Following numerous requests The Wise Hippo will soon be launching The Wise Hippo Early Parenting ProgrammeTM. Using The Positive Parents P.E.P. talk strategyTM I can continue to support you with your preparation for those first few weeks after birth. The will include, Physical nurturing, Emotional resilience and Practical knowledge.

I look forward to being ‘by your side’ for bump, birth and baby.

The Wise Hippo Suite of courses/classes:

the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Please listen to our free ‘Calm and Relaxed MP3’ which will relax you and give you a taster of the Wise Hippo MP3s that I provide on the course. I'm sure you are aware that you should not listen to this while driving!

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