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I used Wise Hippo for both my births and can honestly say that, despite my first labour resulting in a transfer from a small midwife led unit to a consultant led Labour suite in a city hospital with spinal and forceps delivery, I couldn't have done it without the teachings of The Wise Hippo. Midwives were so impressed with how calm I seemed throughout the whole labour due to me really focussing on the breathing techniques and listening to the MP3s. My husband was able to use the B.R.A.I.N.S questions in the hospital to help decide the best course of action when things didn't go to plan which really helped both of us to view the birth of our first son with such positive feelings that we definitely had the right birth on the day. 2nd birth was completely different with a planned home water birth and again, the breathing really focussed me and my 9lb 4oz baby boy was born within 14 mins of me getting in the pool with no pain relief!! Such positive and very happy memories of the birth only 4 weeks ago!

L.H. - Angus, Scotland, 2nd August 2017

Feel free to contact me with a testimonial if you would like to share how The Wise Hippo course with me helped you have The Right Birth on the Day.


The amazing Birthing4Blokes course will be available FREE to the first two couples who sign up for the next Wise Hippo course due to start on 25th June 2017 at 10am. Your bloke will have access to this online course for 4 weeks.

Call me now to grab your spot!

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