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  • Are you pregnant again after one or more previous Caesarean Sections?

  • Are you scared witless about this birth and unsure whether to plan a VBAC or book an elective Caesarean Section?

  • Do you feel traumatised by your previous birth experience?

  • Are you feeling the weight of others' expectations (friends, family or medical care providers)?

  • Are you pregnant now whilst a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault or rape during adulthood?

  • Are you fearful and unsure about labour, birth and early parenthood?

  • Have you heard too many scare stories from family, friends or through the media about traumatic birth experiences?

  • If a previous birth did not pan out as you expected you may be feeling unsure of your abilities as a woman and as a mother?

  • Perhaps your chosen birth partner feels ill-equipped to support and protect you?

  • Do you dream of an empowered birth with a strong and confident birth companion treating you like a birth goddess as you welcome your calm and contented baby into the world?

If any of the above resonates with you, then I am the person to contact!

I am passionate about supporting families to have positive birth experiences, whatever and wherever that may be.

Working with you to identify the things that are most important to you, you will have my support to make informed decisions about the circumstances you find yourself in, while I offer information and signpost you to other professionals where necessary.


In particular I work with women who have had a previous Caesarean section or have suffered Birth Trauma

and I aim to help first time mothers feel positive about their birth experience.

And if your husband/partner feels like he lacks the skills, knowledge or confidence in birth then reassure him that its very important to me that he is supported so that he can be there for you in the way that is right for you both. I never take the place of anyone but aim to be part of the birthing team, backing up the most important part of your team, your husband/partner. This is why I also recommend Birthing4Blokes as a resource he might find very useful. 

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

I teach this Gold Standard antenatal education programme which uses hypnosis techniques. There are many birthing programme that use hypnosis that are collectively labelled Hypnobirthing. The Wise Hippo has a unique approach as we do not focus on one specific way of birthing with one specific outcome. We appreciate that every woman has unique needs, wants and concerns about their baby's birth and we teach with this in mind. This in turn enables each woman to prepare for their baby's birth in a way that feels right for them and ultimately to achieve the right birth on the day. Many fathers have commented that they learned so much more about birth than in other classes they had attended.

I can help you plan for the Right Birth on the Day!

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Group classes of the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, and other antenatal sessions, are held within Forfar and other venues within Tayside, Private classes can be held throughout Tayside.

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