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Image showing Mavis and I gift voucher

Discontinuation SALE!!!!


Gift Vouchers


!!!! The NO HANDS Massage ‘Mavis and I’ Gift Voucher package !!!! 


JUST £30


  • Why not give them one of the best hours of their life?  

  • Why not give them the gift of touch? 

  • A rejuvenating and revitalising Massage.

  • Here is a gift that nurtures and soothes... 
    ... that can help someone you care about find peace and calm... 
    ... that literally takes the weight off their shoulders...  

  • Do you know anyone who would like such a gift?*


These ‘Mavis and I’ Gift Voucher packages have been discontinued and so my remaining stock has been discounted.

I still have my own Gift Vouchers for purchase. 

You buy a voucher copy’ of the book (normally worth £50 if purchased separately) from your NO HANDS Massage Practitioner, Karen Law, and give it to your loved one or friend.
I can no longer guarantee that any other NO HANDS Massage therapists in the UK will honour these vouchers, but I WILL. They keep the book and hand in the voucher as full payment for their Massage treatment. 

*Only ONE Voucher can be redeemed per person (Other Gift Vouchers are available for those who have already redeemed their Mavis and I Voucher)

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