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Recent Study Days, Workshops or Courses attended:


December 2017

Traumatic Birth Recovery Workshop (in person)

May 2017

Wise Hippo training day

January 2017

Post Term Pregnancy course Dr Sara Wickham PhD, RM, MA, PGCert, BA(Hons)

November 2106

Traumatic Birth Recovery Workshop (online)


April 22nd & 23rd 2016

MaMa Conference, Ayr


November 28th 2015

Wise Hippo Pod Meet


April 1st 2015

Recipes for Normal Birth, a Study day with Dr Sara Wickham


March 24th 2015

Postive Birth, Supporting Families

Doula UK Conference 2015


March 10th 2015

SafeTALK, Angus Council

Suicide Awareness session 

Choose Life


March 6th to 8th 2015

Scottish Doula Network Retreat


April 26th & 27th 2014 

Baby Loss - A Parent's Perspective & The Next Pregnancy with Mel Scott of Finley's Footprints


April 3rd 2014

A Day at the Breech with Jane Evans


March 11th to 14th 2014

EFT for Birth Professionals with Tamara Donn


February 14th 2014

Midwifery Study Day, Tayside


May 2013

When Survivors Give Birth with Penny Simkin

April 2013

MaMa Conference, Edinburgh

Klaus, Kennell and Klaus (1993) itemised the positive effects of doula care as:

  • 50% reduction on cesarean rates,

  • 25% shorter labor,

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests,

  • 40% reduction in syntocinon use,

  • 30% reduction in analgesia use,

  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

"Karen is a fabulous, sensitive and passionate doula, who works tirelessly for her clients. She has supported women and their partners to have the birth of their choice, acting as an advocate and supporter . She is truly knowlegable in the physiology and beauty of birth" - a midwife

I  prepared to become a Doula with Adela Stockton, of Mindful Doulas

As a member of Doula UK I accept Doula UK Vouchers

Find information about the Doula UK Access Fund here.

I am also a member of Scottish Doula Network

So.... you think that having a knowledgeable, confident woman as part of your birth team supporting you and your chosen birth partner, working alongside your midwives and doctors is a wise move? Someone you’ve got to know and who you feel comfortable with, who doesn’t change with the shifts and who doesn’t judge you? Someone you can turn to for moral support, who will signpost you to information so you can make informed decisions?  Someone who will encourage your birth partner to do what he/she does best and provide him/her with confidence? Someone who understands your concerns? Someone who gets you?

Absolutely! I may be biased but I think it IS a wise move and the research supports this.


A Doula can be invaluable in supporting both parents to achieve a positive, calm and joyous birth, be that at home or in hospital, drug free or Caesarean.


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Birth Trauma sessions

  • The 3 Step Rewind Technique 
    - £40 per session or £99 for 3 sessions 
    To process previous Birth Trauma (2 to 3 sessions typically)

  • Trigger Identification
    - £40 for 90 minutes
    In this antenatal workshop I will work with you through a list of potential triggers, identity those personal to you and then consider ways to minimise them. This is ideal if you have had a previous traumatic birth, perhaps a previous Caesarean birth or maybe trauma in earlier life. 

  • Lovely Doula Package - £400 (within a 25 mile radius*)
    This includes my support at your birth, two ante-natal visits and one or two post-natal visits with a copy of my take on your birth story, plus any photographs I may have taken of your birth experience. As your Doula I support you and your birth partner however, and wherever, you plan to birth, be it at home or in hospital, whether it's a vaginal birth or a Caesarean section.

    I will be on call for you from 38 weeks (this can be negotiated) until your baby is born and will stay with you continuously once you call me. I will spend time with you after your placenta has been born, marvelling at your achievement and admiring your baby. Once you have fed your baby and feel the need to settle down for a well earned rest I will take my leave of you, but I am always at the end of the phone or email if you need to talk during the first few weeks of parenthood.

    Among the 'tools' I have available for use is a TENS machine, Helios Childbirth Homoeopathic Kit, essential oils, VBAC Hypnotherapy CDs, a growing library of Childbirth books, a Rebozo, a heat pack... the list continues to grow.

    I will also offer you a couple of massages, as part of my Birth Package, which can be taken in pregnancy or after you've had your baby, depending on your circumstances.  You will be made most welcome within my Therapy Space in Forfar.

  • Home Water birth/Doula Package - £475 (within a 25 mile radius*)
    The lovely Doula package above but with the additional benefit of a Professional Birth Pool too

  • Wise Hippo/Doula Package  - £585 (within a 25 mile radius*)
    The lovely Doula package, naturally, but this also includes a place for you and your birth partner on the group course of the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

  • Water Birth/Wise Hippo/Doula package - £670 (within a 25 mile radius*)
    I'll be your Doula, teach you the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme (group course) AND provide you a birth pool for your home birth

  • Private Wise Hippo/Doula Package - £745 (within a 25 mile radius*)

    I'm your doula and teach you the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in your own home, with my undivided attention.

  • Water Birth/Private Wise Hippo/Doula package - £820 (within a 25 mile radius*) I'm your doula and teach you the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in your own home, with my undivided attention AND provide you a birth pool for your home birth.

*If you live 26 or more miles away from me my fees are increased to cover additional travel costs.​ Please ask me about this


I am very honoured to support families as their doula during pregnancy, labour, birth and during the early weeks of parenthood. It is a great privilege to share their journey, supporting them with my knowledge about childbirth and local services which means that I can provide information to enable them to make informed decisions in their own unique situation and signpost them to NHS care providers and other therapists who may be useful. Working as part of the team I do not take the place of anyone in the woman's family, wider circle of friends or medical providers.

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