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Self Soothing in a Stressed Out World




6 Weeks

About the Course

You are invited to join me on this online course where I will guide you in 6 weekly sessions where you learn what to do, why and how you can use Touch for yourself to self soothe your nervous system, without the need for medications or substances.

As a bodyworker I have studied human biology and have added Neuroscience to my learning in recent years. I understand the need for mammals to have safe touch and relationships to thrive. Modern living can sometimes make that harder for human mammals and the Covid pandemic has caused a significant breakdown in our ability to connect like we used to. During these online experiential sessions we come together in community to benefit from the research that proves the power of safe, soothing touch.

My teacher, Gerry Pyves, pioneered online weekly massage sessions at the beginning of 2021 for 15 weeks and I am now developing my own classes using the particular skills and knowledge I have. It may seem improbable that massage is possible online or that you can do it on yourself but Gerry proved that it was very powerful and beneficial. Feedback received from participants on regular sessions with me included comments such as “very powerful and meaningful.”

These are weekly sessions where participants will see a variety of outcomes depending on their own journey. Outcomes such as feeling calmer, lighter, brighter, more grounded, taller, straighter, softer, more confident, sleeping better, being less irritable and much, much more.

This block of sessions is limited to 8 participants.

Please wear light clothing, and sit in a comfortable yet fairly open chair so that you can move your limbs easily, with good lighting in front of you. It is important that I can see you and guide you.

We will meet in Zoom, a link will be sent to you in another email. Please keep it safe as the same link will be needed for every session.

Please NOTE: The room will open at 7.50pm GMT for each session so that you can log on, meet everyone and resolve any IT issues that may arise. I aim to start on time at 8.00pm prompt. Please use a time zone converter to check the start time in your time zone if you don’t live within the UK.

Please note the dates for each session (there will be no refund for any sessions you miss):
* 15th February
* 22nd February
* 1st March
* 8th March
* 15th March
* 22nd March

The main 5 benefits of regular massage and touch are:
* Lower stress. The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls
* Increase immune function
* Boost mental health and wellness
* Manage pain
* Improve physical fitness

These blocks will be ongoing meaning you can continue attending sessions by signing up to the next block.

Your Guide

Karen Law

Karen Law

15th February 2022

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