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Birthing4Blokes Online Course

So much of the information on birth is aimed at mothers. But fathers are extremely important too and so it's vital that you have resources written for you in particular.  As a doula I find that much of my support is for you, in order that you can confidently support your partner. While some fathers are really hands-on during pregnancy, labour and birth, others feel they are best suited to being guardian of the birth space, leaving the women to it. I think it's crucial that fathers are encouraged to be honest about where, and how, they will be most comfortable during birth. So I am delighted that Mark Harris is providing courses, a book and much, much more from a male perspective. Mark is an awesome bloke I am proud to know and therefore wish to recommend him to you. Have a look at what he has to offer:

There’s a wealth of information out there for expectant mothers on pregnancy and birth, but so often the father has been left out of the conversation, BUT that has now changed. Male midwife Mark Harris has filled that vacuum, drawing on his decades of experience working with couples as they make the transition to being new parents.

You will learn, through experience, about important subjects ranging from massage to sex, and pain relief during labour to breastfeeding, this program is an honest, open and frank discussion about pregnancy and birth from a man’s point of view.

If you have been wondering what to do now she is pregnant, or how you will prepare yourself to be as supportive as you can be while she is giving birth, this program will equip you to be the very best you can be.

You, together with Mark, will explore how to harness the power of birthing hormones, how to remain calm and aware in the birthing room, how to communicate effectively, and ultimately how to live the process of becoming a father to the full.


The amazing Birthing4Blokes course will be available FREE to the first two couples who sign up for the next Wise Hippo course due to start on 25th June 2017 at 10am. Your bloke will have access to this online course for 4 weeks.

Call me now to grab your spot!

The lovely Kati Edwards interviewed Jonny who was a beta tester of the Birthing4Blokes Online Course. Thanks Kati Edwards!

Mark offers a FREE E-book:
A Man's Guide to Sex & Intimacy in Pregnancy

Want to buy Mark's book?

Here's a link to Amazon where you can buy it quickly and easily. It is available to my clients to borrow from my resource library but you may wish to have your own copy. 

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