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Birth Companion & Complementary Therapist

About me!


As a birth worker (doula, The Wise Hippo Birthing instructor) and therapist

(NO HANDS Massage) I support the informed choices of parents during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood, as well as offering bodywork and other complementary therapies to people looking to improve mind, body and soul. Based in Forfar, Angus I work with people throughout Tayside, Fife, East Perthsire and Kincardineshire.

Following the birth of my own children I realised that childbirth is an important part of life for women and their families which can be hugely empowering but often, instead, traumatic.


Initially I prepared as a Doula with Adela Stockton, now of Mindful Doulas, in 2007 before going on to train in HypnoBirthing, the Marie Mongan Method, in 2011.  Mothers in labour were wishing to use essential oils and other complementary therapies so I decided I needed to become qualified in other therapies to be able to add them to my toolkit.


Aromatherapy was taught with massage on the Complementary Course I did at my local college, along with Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, meaning I discovered bodywork! Wow!


However, I knew that I would not last long in this line of work if I did not protect myself. So I signed up for my first NO HANDS Massage course and never looked back.


2014 saw me begin to teach The Wise Hippo Birthing programme which uses hypnosis techniques. There are many birthing programme that use hypnosis that are collectively labelled Hypnobirthing. The Wise Hippo has a unique approach as we do not focus on one specific way of birthing with one specific outcome. We appreciate that every woman has unique needs, wants and concerns about their baby's birth and we teach with this in mind. This in turn enables each woman to prepare for their baby's birth in a way that feels right for them and ultimately to achieve the right birth on the day.


With a wide range of interests including pets, an eclectic taste in music, a love of driving and an interest in creative arts I provide non-judgemental and unconditional support to all those I work with.


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